Cahiers d'Extrême-Asie 16 (2006-2007)

Rethinking Medieval Shinto / Repenser le shinto médiéval

IYANAGA Nobumi, Michael COMO, Fabio RAMBELLI, Allan G. GRAPARD, ITŌ Satoshi, Anna ANDREEVA, ABE Yasurō, Lucia DOLCE, KADOYA Atsushi, Brian O. RUPPERT, Jacqueline I. STONE, William M. BODIFORD, Bernhard SCHEID, SUEKI Fumihiko

Collection : Cahiers d'Extrême-Asie

Collection's number: 16

Editor: Faure (Bernard), Como (Michael), Iyanaga (Nobumi)

Edition: EFEO

Publication date: 2010

Status : Available


ISBN-13 : 9782855391168

ISSN : 0766-1177

Width : 16 cm

Height : 24 cm

Weight : 0,7 kg

Number of pages : 396

Distributor : EFEO Diffusion, EFEO Kyoto

Geography : Japan

Language : French, English

Place : Kyoto

Support : Papier

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Table of contents

Michael Como
To Our Readers

Rethinking Medieval Shinto / Repenser le shinto médiéval​

From Place to Texts
* Allan G. GRAPARD, Medieval Shintō Boundaries: Real or Imaginary?
* Michael COMO, Immigrant Gods on the Road to Jindō
* ITŌ Satoshi, The Medieval Cult of Gyōki and Ise Shrines: Concerning the narratives of Gyōki‟s Pilgrimage to Ise
* Anna ANDREEVA, The Origins of the Miwa Lineage
* ABE Yasurō, Shintō as Written Representation: The Phases and Shifts of Medieval Shintō Texts

Iconology, Buddhism
* Lucia DOLCE, Duality and the Kami: the ritual Iconography and Visual Constructions of Medieval Shintō
* KADOYA Atsushi, On the Formation of Shintō Icons
* Brian O. RUPPERT, Royal Progresses to Shrines: Cloistered Sovereign, Tennō, and the Sacred Sites of Early Medieval Japan
* Jacqueline I. STONE, Do Kami Ever Overlook Pollution? Honji suijaku and the problem of Death Defilement
* William M. BODIFORD, Matara: A Dream King Between Insight and Imagination

Theoretical Perspective, Imperial Ideology
* IYANAGA Nobumi, Medieval Shintō as a Form of „Japanese Hinduism‟: An Attempt at Understanding Early Medieval Shintō
* Fabio RAMBELLI, Re-positioning the Gods: “Medieval Shintō” and the origins of Non-Buddist Discourses on the Kami
* Bernhard SCHEID, Memories of the Divine Age: Shintō Seen Through Jan Assman‟s Concepts of Religion
* SUEKI Fumihiko, La place des divinités locales, des bouddhas et du tennō dans le shintō médiéval : en particulier la théorie de Jihen

Comptes rendus / Book Reviews

Auteurs du présent volume / Contributors to this volume

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