Sūkṣmāgama Volume III

Chapters 54 to 85

Collection : Collection Indologie

Collection's number: 114.3

Editor: Barazer-Billoret (Marie-Luce), Sambandhasivacarya (S.), Ganesan (T.), Dagens B., Creisméas (Jean-Michel)

Edition: EFEO, Institut français de Pondichéry (IFP)

Publication date: 2018

Status : Se renseigner auprès de l'éditeur


ISBN-13 : 9782855392240

ISSN : 0073-8352

Width : 17.5 cm

Height : 24.5 cm

Weight : 0.973 kg

Number of pages : 546

Distributor : EFEO Diffusion

Geography : Inde

Language : Anglais, Sanskrit

Support : Papier

Description :

CXCVIII + 348 p.

Sanskrit (with introdution in Sanskrit & English)

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This third volume of the Sūkṣmāgama critical edition contains descriptions of a variety of rites and cermonies concerning Śiva and the Goddess and for the welfare of the society. Many of them are in form of installations of a Śivaliṅga, of the image of the Goddess and of the provisional temple. Others include festival such as the collecting of pearls from the sea, the chariot festival, the offering of a golden crown to the Liṅga, the installation of the temple kitchen, tank, well and of the monastery. The performance of atonement rites in order to make up for omissions in various rites, the installation of the Nāga and that of the altars inside the temple for bali-offering are also treated in detail.

This volume has been prepared and published with the financial assistance from Sri Sambamurthy Sivacharyar Foundation, Chennai and Sadyojat Samskrita Prakashan, Cuddalore.


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About the editor

Barazer-Billoret (Marie-Luce)

Marie-Luce Barazer-Billoret (Senior lecturer, Université Paris-III Sorbonne nouvelle, member of UMR 7528 and associated researcher at the IFP), is specialist of Southern Śaivism; she has authored several articles and co-authored the translation of the Rauravāgama, the critical edition of the Dīptāgama and a book on Śiva.

Sambandhasivacarya (S.)

S. Sambandhaśivācārya has been working in the French Institute of Pondicherry since 1969 in the project of critically editing the Śaivāgama-s. Coming from a family of temple priests, well- versed in the domain of temple rituals and with a long experience in reading various ancient scripts, he has made significant contributions to the first critical editions of Āgama-s such as the Mataṅgapārameśvara, Sārdhatriśatikālottara, Rauravottara, Ajita and Dīptāgama.

Ganesan (T.)

T. Ganesan has been working as a Senior Researcher in the French Institute of Pondicherry since 1985. Under his current research project “A Comprehensive History of Śaivasiddhānta in Tamilnadu”, he has published a monograph entitled Two Śaiva Teachers of the sixteenth century. Nigamajñāna I and his disciple Nigamajñāna II. He also has published a first critical edition of the Varuṇapaddhati, an ancient Śaiva text, along with the unpublished commentary of Nigamajñāna II. He has authored several articles on Śaivism in general and Śaivasiddhānta.

Dagens B.

Bruno Dagens (Professor emeritus, Université Paris-III Sorbonne nouvelle, member of UMR 7528 and associated researcher at the IFP), has translated Mayamata and authored several studies about Indian tradition in South and Southeast Asia.

Creisméas (Jean-Michel)

Jean-Michel Creisméas has been awarded Ph.D in 2015 by the Université Paris III – Sorbonne nouvelle for his thesis “The Yoga of Mataṅgapārameśvaratantra in the light of the commentary of Bhaṭṭa Rāmakaṇṭha”.

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