The East Mebon Stele Inscription from Angkor (K. 528)

A Sanskrit Eulogy of the tenth-century Khmer Sovereign Rājendravarman


Collection : Collection Indologie

Collection's number: 154

Edition: EFEO, Institut français de Pondichéry (IFP)

Publication date: 2022

Status : Available


ISBN-13 : 9782855392608

Width : 17 cm

Height : 24 cm

Weight : 0.65 kg

Number of pages : 334

Distributor : EFEO Diffusion, EFEO Pondichéry Contact :

Geography : Cambodia

Language : English, Sanskrit

Place : Pondichéry

Support : Papier

Description :

24x17, 334 p., English, Sanskrit, paperback

Collection Indologie n˚154

ISBN (IFP) : 978 81 8470 246 0

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The epigraphy of the ancient Khmer kingdom centred in what is today Cambodia comprises about 1500 inscriptions written in Sanskrit or Old Khmer or both between the sixth and the fourteenth centuries CE. Remarkable as much for their graceful calligraphy and layout as for their elegance and erudite sophistication, these extraordinary documents have hitherto primarily been mined for historical data rather than savoured for their poetry. The present volume contains a substantially improved edition and annotated English translation of the second longest Sanskrit inscription of the Khmer-speaking region, a stela that records the creation of a five-towered temple dedicated to Śiva by the tenth-century Khmer ruler Rājendravarman. For the benefit of enthusiasts of kāvya, the text is given also in Devanāgarī.

Table of contents

          I.I The literary quality of the Mebon inscription
                     I.I.1 Sound effects
                     I.I.2 Verschränkung or Concatenation
                     I.I.3 Expectations of readers of kāvya
                     I.I.4 Literary echoes
                     I.I.5 Who composed the text of the inscription?
                     I.I.6 Metrics
          I.2 On the discovery in situ of the stela
          I.3 On this edition and translation of K. 528
          I.4 On the physical properties and condition of the stela
          I.5 Genealogy of Rājendravarman
                     I.5.I Where was Bhavapura?
                     I.5.2 Sun and Moon, Patriline and Matriline, Brahmin and Kṣatriya
          I.6 Who built the Mebon temple?
          I.7 On the statuary installed in the Mebon temple?
          I.8 Who maintained the Mebon foundation and for how long?
          I.9 Rājendravarman and the Khmer “empire”
          I.10 Summary of the inscription
Text and Translation
List of Figures
Plates of the Estampages
Works Consulted
          Primary Sources
          Translations and Studies
General Index


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