The Peruṅkuṟiñci (Kuṟiñcippāṭṭu)

A critical edition of the text, with the commentary of Nacciṉārkkiṉiyar


Collection : Collection Indologie

Collection's number: 142

Edition: EFEO, Institut français de Pondichéry (IFP)

Publication date: 2021

Status : Available


ISBN-13 : 9782855392370

ISSN : 0073-8352

Width : 17.5 cm

Height : 24.5 cm

Weight : 1.12 kg

Number of pages : 546

Distributor : EFEO Diffusion, EFEO Pondichéry Contact :

Geography : India

Language : English, Tamil

Place : Pondichéry

Support : Papier

Description :

17,5 x 24,5 cm, CLXXXII+364 p., Tamil with introduction in English, softcover

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The Peruṅkuṟiñci ("The Great Poem of Kuṟiñci"), better known under the title Kuṟiñcippāṭṭu, is traditionally counted among the "Ten Songs" (Pattuppāṭṭu), one of the two main subdivisions of the old Tamil Caṅkam corpus. Taking the form of a long monologue in which the female character's confidante addresses the foster mother, it deals at the same time with all aspects of the Akam theme of kuṟiñci, the hilly landscape that provides a backdrop for the lovers' union. The text, newly edited on the basis of all surviving manuscripts, is published here along with its classical commentary by the great 14th-century scholiast Nacciṉārkkiṉiyar. An introduction presents the standards for the critical edition, and a complete word-index follows the presentation of the texts. Another special feature of this book is the extensive discussion and illustration of the ninety-nine species of flowers mentioned in the poem, which appear so pervasively in ancient Tamil literature but are often difficult to identify.


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