Architecture and Iconography

Karine Ladrech

Collection : Collection Indologie

Collection's number: 108

Edition: EFEO, Institut français de Pondichéry (IFP)

Publication date: 2007

Status : Se renseigner auprès de l'éditeur


ISBN-13 : 978-2-85539-668-2

ISSN : 0073-8352

Weight : 0,1 kg

Distributor : EFEO Pondichéry Contact : shanti@efeo-pondicherry.org, distributeur online : scholarswithoutborders@gmail.com, distributeur Chennai : jibh.rkc@gmail.com

Geography : Inde

Language : Anglais

Place : Pondichéry

Support : CD ROM

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The temple of Airāvateśvara in Darasuram, dating from the second half of the twelfth century, is one of the major temples erected by the Cōḻa Dynasty. This CD-Rom provides a near exhaustive documentation on the architecture and iconography of the temples of Śiva and of the Goddess, completing that of the book of Françoise L’Hernault published by the EFEO in 1987. The rich photographic documentation spans fifty years (1956-2006), rendering modifications of the monuments observable. Also included in the CD-Rom are plans and drawings from the 1987 book. Each image is accompanied by a note as to: identification, location, and description, and a search engine gives access to images corresponding to criteria defined by the user.


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