Studies on fortification in India


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Publication date: 2007

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This book, based mainly on intense fieldwork and personal investigations carried out by the author over the past twenty years, brings together essays on some prominent defensive works which have been constructed over many centuries across the Indian subcontinent, particularly South India. For each period a selection has been made of outstanding examples of fortification in order to analyse the building techniques, considering the evolution of military technology, particularly the development of artillery, to establish the typology of the structures and to bring into focus a reliable method for identifying and dating defensive works in India. This study, with draws attention to the considerable skills and ingenuities of Indian fort builders, has something to engage the interest of all those concerned with Indian military monuments, be they engineers, archaeologists or historians.

Table of contents

General introduction

I. Fortifications in Ancient India
II. The Hindu System of Fortifications in South India (3rd-14th century A.D.)
III. The muslim system of fortification in the Deccan kingdoms (15th-18th century)
IV. Survival of th Hindu system of fortificaion in South India (15th-18th)
V. Mysure Hill forts (15th-18th century)
VI. Gunpowder Artillery in South India (15th-18th century)


General conclusion

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