Le vieux Pondichéry (1673-1824) revisité d’après les plans anciens


Collection : Collection Indologie

Collection's number: 99

Edition: EFEO, Institut français de Pondichéry (IFP)

Publication date: 2005

Status : Épuisé


ISBN : 2-85539-649-2

ISBN-13 : 978-2-85539-649-1

ISSN : 0073-8352

Width : 20 cm

Height : 28 cm

Weight : 690 kg

Number of pages : 160

Distributor : EFEO Pondichéry Contact : shanti@efeo-pondicherry.org, distributeur online : scholarswithoutborders@gmail.com, distributeur Chennai : jibh.rkc@gmail.com

Geography : Inde

Language : Français

Place : Pondichéry

Support : Papier

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The discovery of new cartographic material relating to the origins of the urban development and social structure of Pondicherry at crucial moments of its history considerably modifies our representation of the town. On the basis of all the documentation that is currently available in Archives in France and in the Netherlands, the author shows us how, from a simple town of craftsmen, this settlement became a metropolis structured according to a rigorous urban plan. He also shows us how the defense system of the place developed from a modest rectangular fort built by François Martin to the Fort Louis and the large outer fortification at the time of Dupleix, until its final decay at the end of the 18th century. We are thus able to see, beneath the surface, the many layers of Pondicherry’s past.

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