Du pinceau à la typographie

Regards japonais sur l'écriture et le livre

Christophe MARQUET, NAGOYA Akira, ANDŌ Takahiro, KANDŌ Kōshi, KOMIYAMA Hiroshi, KOBAYASHI Hiromitsu, DEGUCHI Hisanori, INAGAKI Shin.ichi, OIKAWA Shigeru, SUZUKI Toshiyuki, IWAKIRI Shin.ichiro, Pascal GRIOLET

Collection : Études thématiques

Collection's number: 20

Editor: Brisset (Claire-Akiko), Griolet (Pascal), Marquet (Christophe), Simon-Oikawa (Marianne)

Edition: EFEO, Maison franco-japonaise, Centre d'études japonaises de l'INALCO

Publication date: 2006

Status : Available


ISBN-13 : 9782855396569

ISSN : 1269-8067

Width : 18,5 cm

Height : 27,5 cm

Weight : 1,26 kg

Number of pages : 418

Distributor : EFEO Diffusion

Geography : Japan

Language : Français

Place : Paris

Support : Papier

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This is a collection of ten articles written by Japanese scholars specializing in the history, technology and various uses of written text and graphics in Japan, and represents the latest findings in their fields of expertise, which include calligraphy, classical literature, and the history of writing, painting and engraving, and printing and editing.

The authors focus on such topics as the factors behind the evolution from manuscript copying to moveable typeset printing, the use of illustrated text, and the causes, means and consequences of the appearance of modern printed books. The articles are arranged for the purpose of guiding readers from the first woodblock printings of the eighth century, through the development of illustrated literature during the Tokugawa period and the birth of modern bookmaking and printing of the mid-nineteenth century on, right up to the computerized rendition of Chinese characters in today’s age of the Internet.

Furthermore, the carefully presented discussion and the many examples offered contribute all the more to making this volume a very useful reference work and an interesting introduction to a subject heretofore virtually unknown to French readers interested in things Japanese or the history of printing in general.

Table of contents

Christophe MARQUET
De l’écriture manuscrite à l’imprimerie
Le style calligraphique du poète Fujiwara no Teika et son influence à travers le temps
L’Écriture japonaise vue par les missionnaires portugais à la fin du XVIe siècle : le Vocabulario da Lingao de Iapam
ANDŌ Takahiro
Histoire des graveurs de caractères au Japon : du VIIIe siècle à l’époque moderne
La création et la diffusion des caractères d’imprimerie de style « Ming » au XIXe siècle : de l’Europe au Japon
La mise en image de l’écriture
Les illustrations du roman Au bord de l’eau : essor de l’édition et diffusion de la peinture à la fin des Ming
Les illustrations du Gikei-ki (La Chronique de Yoshitsune) : une réflexion sur les éditions imprimées du XVIIe siècle
DEGUCHI Hisanori
Les jeux d’écriture à l’époque d’Edo
INAGAKI Shin.ichi
Le livre illustré dans la seconde moitié du XIXe siècle : l’exemple du peintre Kawanabe Kyōsai
OIKAWA Shigeru
La diffusion du livre et son évolution matérielle à l’époque moderne
La diffusion du livre à l’époque Edo
SUZUKI Toshiyuki
L’évolution matérielle du livre à l’époque Meiji
IWAKIRI Shin.ichiro
En guise de conclusion : la rencontre avec le courant électrique
Planches en couleurs
Liste des auteurs

About the collection

Études thématiques

Authors who would like to submit drafts are asked to follow these instructions, download : Feuille de style [PDF 602 Ko].

About the editor

Marquet (Christophe)

Art historian, specialist of Japan. He is currently Director of the EFEO (French School of Asian Studies), after having been a university professor at INALCO (National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations), Paris.

He has published and edited numerous books and special issues of journals on the history of art and the history of book in Japan, including : Primitive pictures? Ôtsu-e Alive in the Modern World (Bijutsu Forum 21, Vol. 36, 2017), Ôtsu-e. Imagerie populaire du Japon (Picquier, 2015, Japanese edition Kadokawa, 2016), Patrimonialisation et identités en Asie orientale / Heritage-making and Identities in East Asia (Ebisu, 2015), Tekisuto to imêji wo amu: shuppan bunka no nichifutsu kôryû (Bensei shuppan, 2015), The Invention of "Folk Crafts": Yanagi Sōetsu and Mingei (Cipango. French Journal of Japanese Studies, 2012), E wo yomu, moji wo miru. Nihon bungaku to sono baitai (Ajia yûgaku, Bensei shuppan, 2008), Hokusai, First Manga Master (Abrams, 2008), Du pinceau à la typographie (EFEO, 2006 ; Japanese edition 2010).

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