The Resources of History

Tradition, Narration and Nation in South Asia

Jackie ASSAYAG, Pierre LACHAIER, Pierre PICHARD, Gérard COLAS, Véronique BÉNÉÏ, Marc GABORIEAU, Gérard TOFFIN , Chris FULLER, Rich FREEMAN, L.S. VISHWANATH, Alf HILTEBEITEL, Peter van der VEER, Christophe JAFFRELOT, Sylvia VATUK, Irina GLUSHKOVA, Rosa-Maria PEREZ, Jan BROUWER, Hanne Maria de BRUIN, Aniruddha RAY, Gérard HEUZE, Smriti SRINIVAS, Karen LEONARD

Collection : Études thématiques

Collection's number: 8

Editor: Assayag (Jackie)

Edition: EFEO, Institut français de Pondichéry (IFP)

Publication date: 1999

Status : Available


ISBN : 2-85539-607-7

ISBN-13 : 9782855396071

ISSN : 1269-8067

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Height : 27,5 cm

Weight : 1,01 kg

Number of pages : 402

Distributor : EFEO Diffusion

Geography : India, South Asia

Language : Anglais

Place : Pondichéry, Paris

Support : Papier

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The resources of history
Tradition, narration and nation in South Asia
The representation of the past, which were and still are being constructed today by the social actors in South Asia’s contrasting regions, are multiple and varied. So too are their concepts of the historicity, the changing meaning of texts, rituals and cultures, the link between practices and structures of power, the meaning given to belonging or social identity, and the dialectic between orthodoxy and heterodoxy, dissent and conformity. This profusion in the resources of history – the term being understood in all three senses of “reality”, narrative and discipline – is presented from three perspectives: texts considered as sacred, the construction of local modes of transmission, and relationships between stories and their cultural areas, great and small. The plurality of disciplinary approaches and fields of study highlight a common interest shared by all contributors for, on the one hand, understanding the roles which specific constructions of the past have played and still do in present-day politics; and, o, the other hand, exploring the traditions, forms and contents of narration, as well as the turbulent incarnations of the idea of the nation in South Asia.

Table of contents

Le passé n’est pas (toujours) un pays étranger
The Past is not (always) a Foreign Country
Sacred Texts and regionalism or Nationalism
The Reworking of “Vedic” Paradigms in Medieval Liturgies
Gérard COLAS
Priestly Education and the Āgamic Tradition in Contemporary Tamil Nadu
Texts, Temples, and the Teaching of Tantra in Kerala
Use of Sacred Texts. Generation of Knowledge and Effort of the Colonial State to Suppress Female Infanticide in India
Two Ways to Tell a Story: Ālhā in the Bhaviṣya Purāṇa
Monumental Texts: The Critical Edition of India’s National Heritage
Peter van der VEER
Militants Hindus and the Conversion Issue (1885-1990): From Śuddhi to Dharm Parivartan. The Politization and the Diffusion of an “Invention of Tradition”
Christophe JAFFRELOT
Construction of regional Traditions
Family Biographies as Sources for an Historical Anthropology of Muslims Women’s Lives in 19th Century South India
Sylvia VATUK
How Can One be Hindu or Muslim? The Resources of Hagiographic Exemplar in South India
The Banyan Tree of the Vārkarī Tradition: Transmission and Invention
The Contradiction of Tradition: An Untouchable Caste of Gujarat
Rosa-Maria PEREZ
Artisans Oral Tradition as a Ressource of History
Lohana and Sindhi networks
Can Tradition be Enforced ? Today’s Architectural Design in Bhutan Today
Different Perspectives on Folk theatre’s State and Recent History in Tamil Nadu
Hanne Maria de BRUIN
Imagined Narratives of Regionalism or Nationalism
The Role of Tantrism in the Construction of Cultural Identity of the Newars (Kathmandu Valley)
Medieval Bengali Traditions as Transmitted by the 19th and early 20th Century Historian and Writers of Bengal
Aniruddha RAY
The “Forgotten Obligation”: A Reinterpretation of Sayyid Aḥmad Barelwī’s Jihād in the North-West-Frontier, 1826-1831
Let the Gazetteers burn! Scholars, Local Politics and the Nationalist Debate in the Kolhapur District Controversy
Véronique BENEÏ
Shiv Sena: History, Myth and Shivaji
Gérard HEUZE
Inhabiting the Body of the Goddess: Urban Form within the Festival of Draupadī in Bangalore
California’s Punjabi Pioneers: Remembering/Claiming Homelands

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