Le catalogue des Éditions de l'EFEO, riche d'environ 900 titres, propose des publications portant sur l'Asie, depuis l'Inde jusqu'au Japon, et couvrant un large spectre disciplinaire en sciences humaines et sociales (archéologie, histoire, anthropologie, littératures, philologie, etc.).
Ces publications, si elles s'adressent d'abord à la communauté scientifique, intéressent également un public attiré par les civilisations et sociétés d'Asie.

Archaeologists in Angkor

Photographic Archives of the École française of Extrême-Orient

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Numéro de collection: 08

Édition: Éditions Findakly

Année de parution: 2010

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ISBN-13 : 9782855391212

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239 p., color photographs, archaeological maps, architecture maps, synoptic table, glossary, bibliography, 16 x 24 cm.

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Since 1907, the École française d’Extrême-Orient (EFEO), or French School of Asian Studies, has been playing a pivotal role in research and conservation at Angkor, the site of a major Asian metropolis abandoned to the jungle in the 16th century. This catalogue contains one hundred and height images – chosen from amongst the thousands held in the EFEO’s archives – of the site’s principal temples before they were cleared of vegetation and rubble and during and after the restoration process. Essays written by the EFEO specialists present the School’s archaeological work in its historical context and provide an introduction to more recent discoveries. At once a memorial and a work of reference, this publication will appeal to all those, professionals and amateurs alike, with an interest in the arts of Southeast Asia.

Table des matières

* EFEO in Angkor The rediscovery of Angkor and the first images of the site, or From imagination to image, Bruno Dagens
* The EFEO in Cambodia: a century-long partnership, Pierre-Yves Manguin
* The role of the École française d’Extrême-Orient in establishing scholarly institutions in Cambodia, Olivier de Vernon
* Ancient Khmer construction techniques and the evolution of contemporary restoration techniques, Pierre Pichard
* New data on the origins of Angkor, Christophe Pottier
* Angkor, Urban History and Archaeology, Jacques Gaucher
* The EFEO’s photographic archives,  Isabelle Poujol
* Angkor and its secrets from a foreign perspective: views from Japan and China,  François Lachaud
* Introduction to the history of Angkor,  Claude Jacques
* Photographic Archives of the EFEO 802-889 (cat. 1 to 7) / Isabelle Poujol 889-968 (cat.8 to 23), Isabelle Poujol
* Henri Marchal (1876-1970) and the preservation of the splendor of Banteay Srei, Éric Bourdonneau
* 968-1080 (cat. 24 to 31), Isabelle Poujol
* Baphuon:Last attempt to save a monument, Pascal Royère
* 1080-1182 (cat.32 to 53), Isabelle Poujol
* 1182-1219 (cat. 54 to 108), Christine Hawixbrock
* Neak Pean,  Bruno Dagens
* Appendices Archaeological map of Cambodia Archaeological map of the Great Angkor Synoptic table, Gilles Béguin

Glossary, Gilles Béguin

* Some interventions of the EFEO in Angkor, Gabrielle Abbe

Bibliography, Gabrielle Abbe

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