Bulletin de l’École française d’Extrême-Orient 105 (2019)

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Volume 105, 2019, 18,5 x 27,5 cm, 417 p. abstracts, illustrations

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Table of contents

In memoriam
PO Dharma Quang (1948-2019),
par Andrew HARDY & Daniel PERRET
Jacques MAY (1927-2018),
par Frédéric GIRARD
Nicolas CANE
Temples, Inscriptions and Historical (Re)construction: The “Epigraphical Persona” of the Cōḻa Queen Cempiyaṉ Mahādevī (Tenth Century)
Śrī-type Rings and Lampblack as a Medium of Seal Impression: A Note on Sealing Practices in Pre-Islamic Java
Candi Kimpulan (Central Java, Indonesia): Architecture and Consecration Rituals of a 9th-Century Hindu Temple
Patrick DALY, Edmund Edwards McKINNON, R. Michael FEENER, TAI Yew Seng, ARDIANSYAH, Andrew PARNELL, NIZAMUDDIN, Nazli ISMAIL, Kerry SIEH & Jedrzej MAJEWSKI
The Historic Trading Port of Lamri on the North Sumatran Coast
Indian Law from a Seventh-Century Chinese Buddhist Perspective
KUO Liying
The Da fangdeng tuoluoni jing (Vaipulya-dhāraṇī-sūtra) and Dunhuang Evidence
Franciscus VERELLEN
L’ouverture du chenal de la Puissance céleste sous la Chine des Tang : artifice magique ou poudre noire ?
Pauline SEBILLAUD, Elizabeth BERGER, LIU Xiaoxi & HOU Kan
A Glimpse into Burial Practices of Medieval (10th to 13th c. ad) Elites in the Horqin Region, Northeast China
Notes & Chronicles
Note on Two Pre-Mataram Sites Recently Discovered near Weleri, North Central Java, Indonesia
(Agustijanto INDRAJAYA, Sukawati SUSETYO & Véronique DEGROOT)
The Sungai Jaong and Bongkisam Archaeological Project, Sarawak, Malaysia
(Daniel PERRET & Mohd. Sherman BIN SAUFFI)
Book Reviews
Upinder SINGH, Political Violence in Ancient India
Jean-François SALLES (dir.), Mahasthan II. Fouilles du Rempart Est. Études Archéologiques
(Véronique DEGROOT)
Aruna PARITI, Genealogy, Time, and Identity: Historical Consciousness in the Deccan, Sixth Century CE-Twelfth Century CE
(Mekhola GOMES)
Shonaleeka KAUL, The Making of Early Kashmir: Landscape and Identity in the Rajatarangini
(Luther OBROCK)
Whitney COX, Politics, Kingship and Poetry in Medieval South India: Moonset on Sunrise Mountain
(Emmanuel FRANCIS)
Jayandra SONI, Jaina Epistemology: Including the Jaina Theory of Error
(Lucas DEN BOER)
Jean-Marie VERPOORTEN, La Prakaraṇapañcikā de Śālikanātha, Chapitre 6, Section 1. Le moyen de connaissance valide et la perception. Traité Mīmāṃsaka d’épistémologie
(Hugo DAVID)
田中公明、梵文 『文殊金剛口伝』研究 / Kimiaki TANAKA, The Mañjuvajra-mukhyākhyāna, A ritual manual belonging to the Jñānapāda school of the Guhyasamāja-tantra: Introduction, Romanized Sanskrit Text and Related Studies
(Péter-Dániel SZÁNTÓ)
Thibaut D’HUBERT, In the Shade of the Golden Palace: Ālāol and Middle Bengali Poetics in Arakan
Yumi SUGAHARA & Willem VAN DER MOLEN (éd.), Transformation of religions as reflected in Javanese texts
(Jiří JÁKL)
Richard FOX, More Than Words: Transforming Script, Agency, and Collective Life in Bali (Michel PICARD)
Sebastian EICHER, Das Hou Han ji des Yuan Hong: Zur Historiographie der Späteren Han-Dynastie
(Max Jakob FÖLSTER)
Barend J. TER HAAR, Guan Yu: The Religious Afterlife of a Failed Hero
(Marianne BUJARD)
Joseph R. DENNIS, Writing, Publishing, and Reading Local Gazetteers in Imperial China, 1100–1700
Kiri N. Paramore, Japanese Confucianism: A Cultural History
(Matthias Hayek)
NINOMIYA Hiroyuki, Le Japon pré-moderne 1573-1867

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