Bulletin de l’École française d’Extrême-Orient 103 (2017)

Olivier de BERNON, Arlo GRIFFITHS, Andrew OLLET, Bob HUDSON, Marc MIYAKE, Julian K. WHEATLEY, Jiří JÁKL, Tom HOOGERVORST, Jennifer L. GAYNOR, Nathan W. HILL, ZHAO Bing, Louise Allison CORT, Armand DESBAT, Béatrice WISNIEWSKI, WONG Sharon Wai-Yee, QIN Dashu, CHANG Jung Jung, YU Shan, HE Mengying, Alastair GORNALL, Hermann KULKE

Collection : Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient (BEFEO)

Collection's number: 103

Edition: EFEO

Publication date: 2018

Status : Available


ISBN-13 : 978 2 855539 207 3

ISSN : 0336 1519

Width : 18.5 cm

Height : 27.5 cm

Weight : 1.755 kg

Number of pages : 592

Distributor : EFEO Diffusion

Geography : Vietnam, India, Cambodia, China, Thailand

Language : French, English

Place : Paris

Support : Papier

Description :

Issue 103, 2017, 18,5 x 27,5 cm, 592 p. abstracts, illustrations

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Table of contents

Explaining Prakrit Poetry in the 18th Century: Vrajarāja Dīkṣita’s Commentary on Hāla’s Seven Centuries
Studies in Pyu Epigraphy, I: State of the Field, Edition and Analysis of the Kan Wet Khaung Mound Inscription, and Inventory of the Corpus
Custom, Combat, and Ceremony: Java and the Indo-Persian Textile Trade
Jennifer L. GAYNOR
Tiworo in the Seascape of the Spice Wars
« Storage Jars: Evidence for Long-Distance Maritime Trade », sous la direction de ZHAO Bing
The Production of Storage Jars in China and Southeast Asia: A Vibrant but Little-Known Artisanal Practice
Louise Allison CORT
Container Jars from the Maenam Noi kilns, Thailand: Use and Reuse along Maritime Trade Routes in Asia
Les jarres de stockage khmères (IXe-XIVe siècle)
Les sites de production des jarres de stockage vietnamiennes pour le commerce maritime, du XVIe au XVIIIe siècle : état de la recherche
WONG Sharon Wai-Yee
Rethinking Storage Jars Found in the 9th to 20th Centuries Archaeological Sites in Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau
QIN Dashu, CHANG Jung Jung & YU Shan
Early Results of an Investigation into Ancient Kiln Sites Producing Ceramic Storage Jars and Some Related Issues


Nathan W. HILL
Songs of the Bailang: A New Transcription with Etymological Commentary
L’inscription du vatt Mahā Lābh K. 1046 (Olivier DE BERNON)
Édouard Chavannes, Lu Xun et la Mission archéologique dans la Chine septentrionale (HE Mengying)
Ratnamati et ses œuvres (Alastair GORNALL)
Shayne CLARKE (éd.), Vinaya Texts (Stefan BAUMS)
Upinder SINGH, The Idea of Ancient India: Essays on Religion, Politics, and Archaeology (Mekhola GOMES)
Claudine BAUTZE-PICRON, The Forgotten Place: Stone images from Kurkihar, Bihar (Mathilde MECHLING)
Walter SLAJE, Kingship in Kaśmīr (AD 1148–1459) from the Pen of Jonarāja, Court Paṇḍit to Sulṭān Zayn al-‘Ābidīn (Basile LECLÈRE)
Gérard TOFFIN, La fête-spectacle. Théâtre et rite au Népal (Lyne BANSAT-BOUDON)
Bal Gopal SHRESTHA, The Newars of Sikkim: Reinventing Language, Culture and Identity in the Diaspora (Jyoti TULADHAR)
John N. MIKSIC & GEOK YIAN GOH, Ancient Southeast Asia (Jiří JÁKL)
Stuart ROBSON, The Kakawin Ghaṭotkacāśraya by Mpu Panuluh (Jiří JÁKL)
Marek BUCHMANN, Burmesische Terrakotta-Platten im Museum für Indische Kunst Berlin (Tilman FRASCH)
George Bryan SOUZA & Jeffrey S. TURLEY (éd.), The Boxer Codex: Transcription and Translation of an Illustrated Late Sixteenth-Century Spanish Manuscript Concerning the Geography, Ethnography and History of the Pacific, South-East Asia and East Asia (Pierre-Yves MANGUIN)
PAIRAUDEAU Natasha, Mobile citizens. French Indians in Indochina, 1858-1954 (Pierre BROCHEUX)
Paul T. COHEN (éd.), Charismatic Monks of Lanna Buddhism (François LAGIRARDE)
Anthony J. BARBIERI-LOW & Robin D. S. YATES, Law, State and Society in Early Imperial China. A Study with Critical Edition and Translation of the Legal Texts from Zhangjiashan Tomb no. 247 (Frédéric CONSTANT)
Geoffrey P. REDMOND & Tze-ki HON, Teaching the I Ching (Book of Changes) (Alain ARRAULT)
Imre GALAMBOS, Translating Chinese Tradition and Teaching Tangut Culture. Manuscripts and Printed Books from Khara-khoto (Jean-Pierre DRÈGE)
Antonello PALUMBO, An Early Chinese Commentary on the Ekottarika-āgama: The Fenbie gongde lun and the History of the Translation of the Zengyi ahan jing (Liyu HUA)
田中公明、梵文 『普賢成就法註』研究 / Kimiaki TANAKA, Samantabhadra nāma sādhana-ṭīkā: Introduction, Romanized Sanskrit Text and Translation (Péter-Dániel SZÁNTÓ)
Koichi SHINOHARA, Spells, Images, and Maṇḍalas. Tracing the Evolution of Esoteric Buddhist Rituals (Paulus KAUFMANN)
Nathalie KOUAME, Le christianisme à l’épreuve du Japon médiéval ou les vicissitudes de la première mondialisation (1549-1569) (Martin NOGUEIRA RAMOS)
Pierre-Emmanuel ROUX, La croix, la baleine et le canon. La France face à la Corée au milieu du XIXe siècle (Jean-Noël JUTTET)
Pierre VENDASSI, Chrétiens de Chine. Affiliations et conversions au XXIe siècle (Michel MASSON)
Prasenjit DUARA (éd.), Asia Redux: Conceptualising a Region for Our Times (Grégory MIKAELIAN)

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