La société civile face à l'État dans les traditions chinoise, japonaise, coréenne et vietnamienne

Actes du colloque américano-européen de Paris, 29-31 mai 1991, édités par Léon Vandermeersch

Pierre-Étienne WILL, John LAGERWEY, NGUYỄN THẾ ANH, Donald HOLZMAN, HSU Cho-yun, D.W.Y. KWOK, Charles LE BLANC, Peter K. BOL, Richard John LYNN, Ian MCMORRAN, Paul S. ROPP, Leif LITTRUP, Mary BACKUS RANKIN, Eduard B. VERMEER, Harriet T. ZURNDORFER, Philip A. KUHN, David STRAND, Corinna HANA, Brian E. MCKNIGHT, JaHyun Kim HABOUSH, James PALAIS, Paul VARLEY, Marius B. JANSEN, Joshua A. FOGEL, William R. LAFLEUR, Olof G. LIDIN

Collection : Études thématiques

Collection's number: 03

Editor: Vandermeersch (Léon)

Edition: EFEO

Publication date: 1994

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ISSN : 1269-8067

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Geography : Vietnam, China, Japan, Korea

Language : French, English

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Civil Society versus State
In Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese Tradition
Proceeding of the American-European Symposium, Paris, May 29-31
The study of the social nature of man has been given a new dimension by work like those of Jürgen Habermas that no longer simply analyze the relations between the individual and the group, but that take into account both the effects the members of a group acting freely and spontaneously among themselves have upon the organization of a community and the constraints the very structure of the group exert upon itself, and these two aspects of the problem are now seen as interacting dialectically. How is a civil society created in the context of state rule? How do the private and public sectors intrude upon one another? What cultural and ideological conditions are necessary to create a given form of civil society? A colloquium of specialists on East Asia who gathered together in Paris in 1991 tried to find at least partial answers to these questions as they concern the history of societies in China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. This collection of the papers presented – in English and French – gives us a striking panoramic view of some of the most characteristic forms of the social systems of ancient, medieval and China, of feudal and post-feudal Japan, of traditional Korea and of Vietnam in the seventeenth century.

Table of contents


HSU Cho-yun, Development of State-Society Relationship in Early China

D.W.Y. KWOK, Moral Community and Civil Society in China: Enigmas viewed from the Traditions of Protest and Political Advice

Charles LE BLANC, État et société sous les premiers Han

Donald HOLZMAN, Civil Society vs the State in Early Medieval China: The System of the Nine Categories and the Impartial and Just

Peter K. BOL, The Examination System and Sung Literati Culture

Richard John LYNN, Traditional Chinese Poetry Society: A case Study of the Moon Spring Society (Pujiang, Zhejiang, 1286/7)

Ian MCMORRAN, Les conceptions de l’État et de la société chez les confucianistes du XVIIe siècle : quelques remarques préliminaires

Paul S. ROPP, Vehicles of Dissent in Late Imperial Chinese Culture

Leif LITTRUP, The Un-Oppressive State and Comparative History: Some Observations on Ming-Qing Local Society

Mary BACKUS RANKIN, The Local Managerial Public Sphere: Refashioning State-Societal Relations in Late Imperial China

Eduard B. VERMEER, Ch’ing Government Concerns with the Exploitation of New Farmland

Harriet T. ZURNDORFER, How to be a Good Wife and Good Scholar at the Same Time: 18th Century Prescriptions on Chinese Female Behavior. A Preliminary Investigation

Pierre-Étienne WILL, L’État, la sphère publique et la redistribution des subsistances à l’époque des Qing

John LAGERWEY, Culte et lignage en Chine rurale

Philip A. KUHN, Civil Society and Constitutional Development

David STRAND, Changing Dimensions of Social and Public Life in Early Twentieth Century Chinese Cities

Corinna HANA, The Chinese Co-operative Movements during the 1920s and their Significance for Society and State

Brian E. MCKNIGHT, Law and the Prospects for Democracy in China

NGUYỄN Thế Anh, State and Civil Society under the Trinh Lords in Seventeenth Century Vietnam

JaHyun Kim HABOUSH, Academies and Civil Society in Chosŏn Korea

James PALAIS, Political Leadership and the Yangban in the Chosŏn Dynasty

Paul VARLEY, The Loyalty Ethic of Vassal Warriors in Medevial Japan

Marius B. JANSEN, State and Society in Tokugawa Japan Joshua

A. FOGEL, Japanese Views of Local Autonomy and the Local Community (kyōdōtai) in Imperial China

William R. LAFLEUR, An Ethics of As-Is: State and Society in the Rinrigaku of Watsuji Tetsurō Olof

G. LIDIN, Civil Society East and West, Some Notes

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