Les Sogdiens en Chine

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The sogdians were not simply the great traders who, all the sources agree, bound China to Central Asia. These immigrants from Samakand or Bukhara, speaking an Iranian language, settled in Nothern China and played active roles there as soldiers, artisans, farmers, translators or diplomats in the social, economic, artistic and even political life from the fifth to the eight century AD. This book, a collection of twenty-one articles by Chinese, Japanese and Western scholars, draws on the most recent discoveries, both archaeological and textual, to present a vivid picture of Sogdian activities in China.

Table of contents

Les Sogdiens en Chine : quelques réflexions de méthode
Nouvelles découvertes de lits funéraires sogdiens de Chine
YANG Junkai
Carvings on the stone outer coffin of Lord Shi of Northern Zhou
SUN Fuxi
Investigations on the Chinese version of the Sino-Sogdian bilingual inscriptions of the tomb Lord Shi
The Sogdian version of the new Xi’an inscription
RIBOUD Pénélope
Réflexions sur les pratiques religieuses désignées sous le nom de xian
Études iconographiques
ZHANG Qingjie
Hutengwu and Huxuanwu Sogdian dances in the Northern, Sui and Tang Dynasties
QI Dongfang
The Hejiacun treasure and Sogdian culture
The self-image of the Sogdians
SHENG Angela
From stone to silk: Intercultural transformation of funerary furnishings among Eastern Asian peoples around 475-650 CE.
Marchands, soldats, vignerons
Towards e new edition of the Sogdian Ancient Letters: Ancient Letter I
DIEN Albert
Caravans and caravan leaders in Palmyra
RONG Xinjiang
Sabao or Sabo: Sogdian caravan leaders in the wall-paintings in Buddhist caves
ARAKAWA Masaharu
Sogdian merchants and Chinese Han merchants during the Tang dynasty
Military officers of Sogdian origin from the late Tang Dynasty to the period of Five Dynasties
Čākar sogdiens en Chine
Un vestige vivant de la présence sogdienne en Chine du Nord : le vignoble du Shanxi
Le Bassin du Tarim
HANSEN Valérie
The impact of the Silk Road trade on a local community: The Turfan oasis, 500-800
SKAFF Jonathan
Documenting Sogdian society at Turfan in the seventh and eighth centuries: Tang Dynasty census records as a window on cultural distinction and change
ZHENG Binglin
Non-Han ethnic groups and their settlements in Dunhuang during the Late Tang and Five Dynasties
Sogdians in Kucha, a study from archaeological and iconographical material
Sogdiens, Chinois et Turcs
LIN Meicun
A survey of the Turkic cemetery in Little Khonakhai
THIERRY François
La monétarisation de la société türke (VIe – IXe siècle). Influence chinoise, influence sogdienne

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