Images de Dunhuang

Dessins et peintures sur papier des fonds Pelliot et Stein

Danielle ÉLIASBERG, Michel SOYMIÉ, Stephen F. TEISER, Jean-Pierre DREGE, Sarah E. FRASER

Collection : Mémoires archéologiques

Collection's number: 24

Editor: Drège (Jean-Pierre)

Edition: EFEO

Publication date: 2000

Status : Available


ISBN : 2-85539-423-6

ISBN-13 : 9782855394237

ISSN : 2118-1020

Width : 21 cm

Height : 27 cm

Weight : 0,84 kg

Number of pages : 248

Distributor : EFEO Diffusion

Geography : China, China, Dunhuang, Turfan

Language : French, English

Place : Paris

Support : Papier

Description :

244 p., ill., 27 cm., paperback

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Movable paintings from Dunhuang executed on silk or hemp are well represented by the major collections of the British Museum and the Musée Guimet and, to a lesser extent, by those of the National Museum of New Delhi, the Hermitage Museum at Saint Petersburg, and the National Museums of Seoul and Tokyo. The works on paper – painting, drawings, sketches, drafts, even graffiti, as well as illustrated manuscripts – are less well known.
The present study aims to remedy this oversight by presenting a significant selection drawn from the Stein and Pelliot collections. It opens with an examination of some representative traits of the Buddhist iconography of paintings on paper. This is followed by an essay on artistic practices and the numerous sketches and drafts often found traced on the back of manuscripts scrolls. A third article addresses the relationship between text and image by presenting a typology of illustrated manuscripts, of which more than a hundred exemplars are extant. Among these, a particular type of illustrated manuscript, the Sūtra on the Ten Kings, merited special attention. The work concludes with a study on the spontaneity emanating from the graffiti, rapidly drawn caricatures or sketches found here and there in the manuscripts.

Table of contents

Peintures et dessins de Dunhuang
Notes d’iconographie
Michel Soymié
The Manuals and Drawings of Artists, Calligraphers, and other Specialists from Dunhuang
Sarah E. Fraser
Du texte à l’image : les manuscrits illustrés
Jean-Pierre Drège
Picturing Purgatory Illustrated Versions of The Scripture on the Ten Kings
Stephen F. Teiser
Les graffiti figurés dans les manuscrits de Dunhuang
Danielle Eliasberg
Index des manuscrits
Table des illustrations
Table des matières

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