Editors - Nogueira Ramos (Martin)

Martin Nogueira Ramos is Associate Professor of Japanese studies at the French School of Asian Studies (EFEO) and head of the EFEO Kyoto center. His doctoral research focused on the history of hidden Christianity and Catholicism in nineteenth-century Japan. He is currently researching the propagation and establishment of Catholicism in sixteenth and seventeenth century local Kyushu society. He is the author of La Foi des ancêtres : chrétiens cachés et catholiques dans la société villageoise japonaise (XVII e-XIX e s.) (CNRS éditions, 2019), “Renier sa foi sans perdre son âme. Les catholiques japonais au début de la proscription (XVIIe s.)” (Cahiers d’études des cultures ibériques et latino-américaines 5, 2019), and “The Monk and the Heretics: A Reappraisal of Sessō Sōsai’s Anti-Christian Documents (Mid-Seventeenth Century)” (Japan Review 35, 2020).