About - Gaétan RAPPO

Gaétan Rappo is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Culture and Information Science at Doshisha University. He specializes in the history of Japanese religions in the medieval and early modern period, as well as the digital humanities. Aside from a monograph on the medieval Shingon monk Monkan, Rhétoriques de l’hérésie dans le Japon médiéval et moderne: Le moine Monkan (1278-1357) et sa réputation posthume (L’Harmattan, 2017), he has written several articles on Japanese Buddhism and Shinto, including “ ‘Deviant Teachings’: The Tachikawa Lineage as a Moving Concept in Japanese Buddhism” ( Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 47, no. 1, 2020), and edited medieval manuscripts from Shingon and Shinto sources, such as “Daijingū honji honkoku, kaidai” 『太神宮本地』 翻刻・解題 (in Shinpukuji zenpon sōkan 真福寺善本叢刊, daisanki 第三期, shintō hen 神道篇, vol. 4, Chūsei Shintō shiryōshū 中世神道資料集, ed. Abe Yasurō 阿部泰郎 and Daitō Takaaki 大東敬明, Rinsen Shoten, 2020).