Faguo Hanxue [Sinologie française] 16

Collection : Faguo Hanxue [Sinologie française] (en chinois)

Collection's number: 16

Edition: Zhonghua shuju

Publication date: 2015

Status : Check with the publisher


ISBN-13 : 9787101104141

Width : 16.9 cm

Height : 22.8 cm

Distributor : Zhonghua shuju

Language : Chinese

Place : Pékin

Support : Papier

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About the collection

Faguo Hanxue [Sinologie française] (en chinois)

This annual review is published in Chinese with the help of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Initially devoted to Sinological works carried out in France, it has become thematic and incorporates articles of Chinese and French specialists concerning researchs led out in cooperation.

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