Lineages, the economy and customs in Ninghua county volume 2

Collection : Traditional hakka society series (en chinois)

Collection's number: 24

Editor: Lagerwey (John), Yang Yanjie

Edition: EFEO, International Hakka Studies Association, Overseas Chinese Archives

Publication date: 2005

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ISBN : 962-7433-30-6

ISBN-13 : 978-962-7433-30-9

Number of pages : 467

Distributor : Autre éditeur

Geography : China

Language : Chinese

Place : Hong Kong

Support : Papier

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Lineages, the economy and customs in Ninghua county volume 2
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This book is a partial result of the projects "Religion, Architecture, and the Economy in Southeast China" (RG004-U-00) funded by the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for Internationl Scholarly Exchange, "Local Religion and Society in Southeast China" funded by an Earmarked Grant from the Research Grants Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China (CUHK 4116/03H). Publication was funded by the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation.

Table of contents


Introduction, John Lagerwey

*  A general overview of Ninghua County, Liu Shanqun

Nothern and Central Ninghua

* Economy and Customs in Quanshang, Liao Shanjin

* Lineage, Economy, and Customs in Anyuan, Zhong Jinlan

* Lineage, Economy, and Temple Festivals in Yanqi, Shuixi, Ning Xiufeng

* Lineage, Religion, and Mariage and Burial Custmos in Helong, Yi Qilie, Xie Yuntu, Zhong Jinlan

* Lineage, Temple Festivals, and the Economy in Zhongsha, Zhang Yinxiang

* Cuijiang River Traffic and Customs, Yi Zhaohao

VOL. 2

Western and Southeren Ninghua

* An Investigation of Traditional Society in Shibi, Luo Huarong

* The Yang Lineage and Religious Practices of Yangbian, Shibi, Zhong Jinlan

* A study of Fengshan Village, Huaitu, Lai Yangen

* Economy and Customs in Huaitu, Huang Chengli

* The Lineage and Customary Beliefs of the Liaos of Jiuzhaitang, Liao Shiyao

* Paper-making and Markets in Anle, Liao Shiyao

* The worship of the Immortal Wu in Anle, Zhang Yanqing

* The market and Temple Festivals of Pingshang, Wu Pingfeng

* Lineage Society and the Worship of the Seventh Saint of Meishan in Xiafang,

Postface,Yang Yanjie

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