Gardens in Java

(éd. orig. : Jardins à Java, Arts Asiatiques, XX, 1969, p. 135-183)


Collection : Terjemahan Lain

Collection's number: 16

Edition: EFEO

Publication date: 2010

Status : Other Distributor


ISBN-13 : 978-2-85539-481-7

Distributor : Autre éditeur

Geography : Indonesia

Language : English

Place : Jakarta

Support : Papier

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Other Distributor
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The ancient gardens described and analysed dy Denys Lombard in this study - mainly Sunyaragi in Cirebon and Taman Sari in Yogyakarta, but also others from Banten in West Java up to Bali and Lombok - are not natural spaces domesticated and adorned for the purpose of providing  comfort and beauty. Rather, secluded behind walls and made up of buildings and pools - symbolizing the primeval moutain and the sea - they are places where the king could retreat, medidate, and display his divine nature.

Abundantly illustrated with photographs, maps, and sketches, this book will be as useful to visitors as it will be of interest for all lovers of Javanese culture.

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