About - Monica ESPOSITO

Monica Esposito.

Associate Professor at Kyoto University, Institute for Research in Humanities (Jinbun kagaku kenkyujo). She is the author of L 'alchimia del soffio (The Alchemy of Breath, Ubaldini, 1997) and of various articles on Qing Taoism and Ming-Qing inner alchemy. Her recent work includes: "The Longmen School and its Controversial History during the Qing dynasty" in Religion and Chinese Society: The Transformation of a Field, ed. John Lagerwey (Chinese University of Hong Kong & EFEO, 2004). She is currently preparing the publication in electronic format of her Ph. D. ("La Porte du Dragon. L'école Longmen du Mont Jin'gai et ses pratiques alchimiques d'après le Daozang xubian [Suite au canon taoïste]," University of Paris VII, 1993, under the direction of I. Robinet).